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# 1. We do a care assessment.

Either over the phone, via Zoom, or in person, you get a complimentary non-medical consult with our RN Care Manager.

They’ll do a quick care assessment of your or your loved one’s health issues and will talk with you about a tailored care plan.

If you want to discuss geriatric care management, they’d be happy to talk to you about it too.

#2. You meet your caregiver.

We pair your loved one with one or more of our experienced caregivers. They are registered with the CA Department of Social Services and are bonafide employees of our agency. What that means is that we pay for all necessary liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverages that will protect both parties if an unfortunate incident happens.

#3. Breathe and relax. We got you.

Now that we’ve taken some load off your shoulders, you can rest a little easy. Take some time off, and focus on your work and family. We will be the direct caregivers of your loved one and part of your family’s care team. Communication between the Care Manager and you or the authorized person of the senior will be consistent and you are always apprised of their home and care situation.

Caregiving schedules are usually in blocks of 6 hours up to full-time 24/7  or round-the-clock shifts.

Pick your preferred caregiving schedule:

  • Daily shift (6 to 8 hours daily)
  • Round-the-clock shift (24/7)
  • Live-in shift (12 hours)
  • Overnight and Weekend shift