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Here is a list of all our non-medical, in-home caregiving services.

In case you didn’t find the service you’re looking for, please scroll down below to send us a message about your query, and we’ll explore all care options for you or for your older loved one.


Hands-on Personal Care.

Elderly Sitter and Respite Care

Alzheimer’s – Dementia – Memory Care

Palliative and Hospice Care

Other Specialized Caregiving Services

Geriatric Care Management


  1. Grooming, and shower care
  2. Toileting, and hygiene assistance
  3. Safety transfers from the bed to the wheelchair
  4. Mealtime feeding
  5. Medication supervision
  6. Range-of-motion exercise
  7. Games to encourage brain health.
  8. Medical appointments companion
  9. Meal preparation
  10. Light housekeeping
  11. Games to support brain health
  12. Daily routine care planning
  13. Redirection of behavioral mood swings
  14. Safety-proofing of areas in the house
  15. Music “therapy”
  16. Incontinence Care
  17. Nutritional Care for Diabetes
  18. Fall Risks and Mobility Issues
  19. Empty and replace Ostomy bag
  20. Other special needs
  21. Hourly or daily sitter
  22. Respite care
  23. Weekend companion
  24. Games and social activities
  25. Mealtime assistance
  26. Night care
  27. Assessment of health issues
  28. Development of a tailored care plan
  29. Coordination of services and resources
  30. Evaluation of needs and health changes
  31. Extra support to the elderly’s family.
  32. NOTE: Geriatric Care Management is suitable for long-distance families or those who cannot closely supervise the care of their loved ones.

We understand that every client has different health and service requirements as they age, and we do our best to send the personality that complements and the training that’s required to match caregivers and seniors.

What’s more, as a full-service in-home help agency, 1st Call Home Care takes pride in providing you with a Registered Nurse Care Manager who creates and consistently supervises the care plan tailored to the needs of your elderly loved one.

nurse talking with senior couple

Whether your loved one needs assistance with daily activities or medication management, or simply seeks companionship, contact 1st Call Home Care today.

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